Health Care Issues

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This community is being created in the hope that health professionals and public health experts and the general public will be willing to meet here and discuss issues of concern with patients and with the lay public, in a caring and not condescending manner, without of course trying to make online diagnoses or prescribe treatments for individual cases.

I'm hoping it will be a place where all posters will be considered on an equal footing and can give each other information and support.

The community owner has a special interest in how people with less-than-perfect health can survive medically and economically in a world that is rife with predictions of serious economic trouble ahead.

Disclaimer: NOTHING you read here can take the place of a qualified health professional who can evaluate your case on an individual basis, do a history/exam/tests, etc. This is an online group of people whose qualifications cannot be verified and are here for support/suggestions only. Please take all personal health problems to an in-person qualified health care professional!!!!
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